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Sibylle | email | 12-08-2016

Is there another slow runner out there who is interested in getting together once or twice a week for a run? I'm a 40-year old woman with only rudimentary Dutch skills.

Anything from 6 to 12km laps would be nice, when I'm in half marathon training also longer routes. Generally my pace is around 7:00-7:30. Did I mention that I'm slow? Anyway, get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

gekke henkie | 15-08-2016

Ton oftewel Teuntje044 makes there a potje from he...
And read he can also not so good. Maybe he needs a brilletje.

Also a bit disgracefull to ask what she is wearing ....

Ton | email | 14-08-2016

Hoi. Hoop you can reed dutch
I am a person who runs two time a week. Wath is your speed. And when you run and wear. I live in amstelveen.

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Leuk shirt voor hardlopers die het met gemak doen :)

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Laat de liefde niet aan toeval over